The Satta Matka game, which is likewise called Satta or Matka gambling, happens to be a comprehensive lottery game dating as far as the 1950s. It became quite popular in the Indian subcontinent and its rules differed from one state to another. At present, this gambling game is usually played online. You will find a number of websites offering this sort of game. It is played extensively by numerous people these days.


As mentioned earlier, Matka gambling happened to be amongst the most well-known lottery games in India. However, it was restricted to betting on the opening plus closing rates of cotton when cotton was transmitted to the Bombay Stock Exchange. This game was known as “Aakada Jugar” at that time which implied “calculation gambling”. Nevertheless, things changed after the independence of India and it is now mainly played online.

Is it legal to play Satta Matka in India?

In India, gambling was considered to be illegal since the British Raj. In fact, the Public Gambling Act implemented by the British Parliament in the year 1867 made gambling illegal in this country. Gambling is considered to be illegal in India even now except for some activities like horse racing and lottery. Only those games which require skills have been legalized by the authorities right now. Since Satta does not entail much skill, it has been made illegitimate in India. Despite this, the online version of Matka is legal so that anyone can play it without any problem at all.

How did the term Matka come into being?

The game of Satta Matka became a comprehensive game of lottery which depended on luck following the independence of India during the 50s. Nonetheless, this practice was terminated by the New York Stock Exchange in the year 1961. All the gamblers started looking for alternatives at that time. A Sindhi trader known as Ratan Khatri introduced a new tweak in the gambling industry and he was referred to as the “Matka King”.

This new version of the game comprised small bits of paper along with the numbers ranging from 0 to 9 which were placed inside a vessel or a “Matka”. The term “Matka” was derived right from there. A piece of paper had to be picked by a person from the vessel and he would read out the lucky number.

However, there was a modification of the rules with the advent of time. Right now, 3 numbers will be drawn from some cards, and the online version was introduced on the Satta Matka market. Ratan Khatri was accountable for operating an illegitimate gambling network across India and lots of punters worked on his behalf. Khatri passed away in 2020, and right now, anyone winning a considerable amount of cash from the Satta Matka game is known as Matka king.

At present, 2 main types of these games are available on the Internet, namely, the Kalyan Matka and the Worli Matka. While the former one is played throughout the entire week, the other is played from Monday to Friday only instead of the entire 7 days.