01 Dec 2023

An Overview of Casino Myths 

Of a few dice found in Egypt’s cemetery from 3000BC, through betting in the ancient Rome City, until the Ten Century Chinese match – through thousands of betting history, reality was mixed with legend and reality betting. Along with bets that grow very much with…


Best Live Casino Sigapore 2021 

The casinos have been the most entertaining sport in Singapore. If you are looking for casinos beyond time and location, then live casinos are made for you. Furthermore, live casinos can be played just by mobile device or desktop, or PC. You can be traveling,…


Satta Matka: History and Origin 

Satta or Matka gambling is a type of lottery and betting that saw individuals placing bets on the opening and closing cotton rates that were transferred to the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange. This type of gambling game was played prior…