Unless otherwise noted, the below are general regulations that apply to all sorts of horse racing betting:

Void Bets

You will get your initial investment refunded if the horse or pick you have chosen comes out to be a null bet and does not run.

When this wager is part of an accumulation, the choice will be withdrawn from the accumulator, and the chances will be modified to reflect this, but the rest of the wager will continue to run.

Dead Heat

A race may be declared as dead heat if that’s still unclear which horse actually won. This implies that there are effectively two winners. However, it does have an impact on the winnings you will earn if you bet on that horse.

In sports gambling, dead heat laws are rather frequent, and then the same principle applies to horse racing.

Ultimately, the initial investment you placed will also be divided among the numbers of horse in a dead heat and then compensated out at the set price before the race, known as Starting Price.

Betting on both sides 

If the race is reduced to less than five horses, so every bet will be converted to win bets due to a lack of places to serve.


Ante-post wagers must be taken a day before the race or even before the event’s official line-up is released on the competition day. Horse racing Betting made after this period are not considered Ante Post and would be treated as ordinary bets.

In most cases, if you put an Ante Post wager and your horses does not run, you will lose your wager. Under the following situations, this becomes an invalid bet:

  • If the race’s location has been changed
  • If the event has been cancelled or declared invalid
  • If the horses have been balloted out prior to the commencement of the race.
  • If the competition has been shifted, affecting the row and ground on which it would have been raced

Rule 4

Rule 4 is now in place in order to protect bookmakers in the event that the favourite or any other horse with a bearing on the betting is withdrawn from the race.

If this happens, the bookmaker will be allowed to modify the odds to match the current racing even after you’ve made your wager. Keep in mind that when a horse begins to run and then falls, Rule 4 cannot apply, and the wager will be run out normally.

Abandoned / Postponed Races

All wagers will be invalidated, and your money will be reimbursed if a race is cancelled or postponed because of whatever reason.

However, if this happens for a significant race, the bookmakers would most likely keep bets placed after some specific time until the rescheduled event is held, assuming that almost all horses are entered.

This will applies to races that have been postponed by 24 hours or those that are held outside of the original schedule.

All wagers will be reimbursed if the race is cancelled unless it is re-run within two days of the original start time.