Anyone who has already been to Vienna will certainly know it: Kärntner Straße in the heart of Vienna. Just inside this popular street is another gem, the Wiener Spielbank. It is located within the oldest building on Kärntner Straße, which gives the atmosphere and the impression of the casino a touch of nostalgia. The casino is also impressive in the entertainment area. In addition to a comprehensive range of games, guests can dine in the casino’s restaurant and end their evening at the inviting bar.

Casino in Vienna: Austria

Before you consider Casino Vienna, you might be interested in some basic information about the casino. The casino has several floors. There are different types of gambling on each of the floors.

While jackpot casinos can be found directly on the ground floor, the classic casino can be found on the upper floors. Caution is advised in the classic casino. It’s stylish here. Without an appropriate dress code, it will be difficult to get in here.

An appropriate evening outfit is a must, especially on weekends. The dress code is not a problem on the other floors. Here, guests are welcome to appear in comfortable clothes and have a good time. Of course, entry to the casino and the associated restaurant is only permitted from the age of 18 and with a valid ID.

You can pay either in cash or with Visa, Master, DC and JBC. Your money is then exchanged for so-called game chips, which can of course be exchanged again. By the way, the casino also offers free WiFi.

Game offer

The Wiener Spielbank impresses with a comprehensive range of games of all kinds. Gambling fans will definitely not get bored here. From Roulette, Macau Baccarat and Black Jack to different types of poker, slot machines and jackpot casinos: there is something for everyone here.

The popular game of chance has attracted many guests to the casino. For this reason, the Viennese did not choose just one type of roulette, but offer you different options. American roulette is very popular. Here is played standing. The casino offers you eight tables with American Roulette. The so-called party roulette is suitable for beginners. You only have to pay a small amount in order to participate. During the game, the casino team continues to tell you interesting facts about the game.

Black jack

Even with blackjack, the casino does not leave it at one option. There are three types available to you here. In addition to the usual Black Jack, Black Jack X-Change is also available. Here you play with two instead of one hand, which in turn offers more opportunities to win. Party Black Jack is suitable for beginners. The stakes are low and during the game the Vienna team will keep explaining interesting facts about the game to you.

Poker is also a must in Vienna’s largest casino. Here the casino has come up with some special gaming options. The casino offers the so-called cash game every day from 3 p.m. The cash game can be played as Texas Hold’em No Limit or Omaha Pot Limit. The Wiener Casinos also offers events such as the High Roller Cash Game. In addition, the casino’s variety of poker options with Easy Hold’em Poker and Tropical Stud Poker is convincing.

Slot machines

The machines in Casino Vienna start at 9 a.m. Slot machines can be found on two floors. No dress code is required on the ground floor, but it is on the upper floors. There are 134 machines on the ground floor and 115 on the upper floors. Numerous different games are available. Whether it’s multiplayer games or classic 3-D games: every player gets their money’s worth here.


The popular casino in one of the most famous streets in downtown Vienna is definitely worth a visit for casino lovers. The historic atmosphere in one of the oldest buildings on Kärntner Strasse in particular makes casino hearts beat faster. Those who still like it classic will find themselves at home on the upper floors of the casino. Guests here are only welcome with an elegant dress code. If you don’t like it quite so elegant, you can wear more comfortable clothes on the other floors. The range of games leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to classic table games such as poker, roulette, blackjack or baccarat, guests will find countless machines and other entertainment options. The Casino Vienna can therefore be recommended.