Professional betting is both a game and a business. For players to understand the conditions of such a game, bookmakers calculate fixed odds, which now do not depend on the distribution of bets.

Modern bookmakers are global media resources that provide users with the maximum range of sports and social events. In addition, all the information necessary for betting is published on the bookmaker’s websites – detailed pre-match statistics and information about the course of the match, video broadcasts, forecasts, and announcements. 

To learn how to effectively bet on sports with 1xbet live and win consistently, you need to choose a strategy for your game and stick to it constantly. Here, newcomers are introduced to the basic betting strategies that have proven themselves in action. But the choice of tactics is a very individual process since each of them requires certain skills and personal qualities. For example, the Miller method is the most common strategy among novice bettors, but it requires endurance and patience from players.

Miller’s strategy is based on the flat bank distribution method. This is the safest approach, which allows you to correctly distribute the pot in rates, and multiply it over long distances. Miller offers a kind of funds management, which is as follows:

  • The amount of the initial bank is fixed.
  • The better starts betting with rates of 1-2% of this value.
  • When the bank manages to increase by 25-30%, the size of the bet is made up to 2% of the current size of the bankroll.
  • Each increase in the starting bank by 25-30%, the rates are doubled.

Better a slow start, but steady profitability over the course. All that is required of the player is to learn how to bet on winning outcomes and withstand a long swing.