The registration on the Play Fortuna website is simple and quick but on the other hand, after making payouts or winning a significant amount of coins/money, the casino may initiate the process of verification of an account. 

Why are they doing this? This is done to prevent crimes and to defend its customers from financial losses. The point here is that casinos are some sort of aggregator between users, bank accounts, and game providers, and if the data has been hacked on different resources, it’s important to prevent the illegal withdrawal of funds. That’s why the practice of verification exists. 

How does verification look like? The has two types of possible verification: 

  • Payment data verification. In this case, the casino may ask you via email to prove that the payment receipt is the same person who has signed the account. For this purpose sending the banking card with the name on it or with the picture of the passport attached will be enough. 
  • Personal verification. In this case, it will be enough just to prove that you are the same person which is stated in the account. For this purpose, the scan of the ID card or driver’s license will be more than enough. 

Also important is that the user can pass the verification without waiting till the casino will provoke the process. It could be done in the private office of the user. The private office has the next functionality: 

  • Balance or the place where the player can check out his balance of bonuses and money
  • Profile, the page where all personal data is indicated
  • History of transactions
  • Messages, or customer support 
  • Verification

Online casinos are not only about to play fortune for fun but it’s also about the protection of personal data and preventing financial losses, that’s why Play Fortuna pays attention to this part of the business.