Every bettor dreams of making money from betting. It seems that all you have to do is understand your chosen sport and start betting correctly. We will find out if earning money from sports betting is realistic.

Why it is difficult to get rich from betting

The reality is not as rosy as bettors see it. A bookmaker’s office, like 1win, takes a commission from each outcome – a margin that leaves the office in the black. Bettors think that predicting sporting events is easy. Subtle analysis helps to make confident choices, but randomness limits players’ chances.

People who make money from betting are the exception, which once again proves the illusion true. Betting and making money are not equivalent concepts. Betting should only be seen as an intellectual game and a way to have fun. Self-discipline and responsible gambling will help the user not to lose the pot.

Earnings from Paid Predictions

The easiest way to make a profit from betting is to bet on forecasts. Cappers can be found anywhere: on thematic sites, in social networks, and on Telegram. Having analyzed the quality of the forecasts, the users’ feedback, and their reputation, you can start betting for money. Often the brokers provide free forecasts and paid subscriptions.

Finding an honest trader is more difficult than analyzing a sporting event yourself. But if you have the desire and available funds, you will find a professional forecaster.


It is possible for a player to make money from betting, but it is not easy to get into the 5% of bettors who make a consistent profit. Regardless of your choice of strategy, you should play by the established rules, analyze sporting events and refrain from betting based on other people’s opinions.