You can be a fan of Bond going full Casino Royale, Lady Gaga crooning ‘Pokerface’ or a Bilzerian-Esque show off of your winnings at the game. Still, unless you’ve been living under a rock since the early 19th century, the chances are that you’ve encountered the game of Poker at some point in time. The allure of the velvet table and humongous stakes has driven millions towards it. But like all things in our time, big money is going online. The explosion in popularity that followed was fondly called the Moneymaker effect and kick-started some of the biggest Judi Online Terpercaya platforms. 

Why is online gambling so popular?

For a game of such popularity and reputation, the origins of the game are rather murky. While several Persian, French and English card games claim to be its ancestors, the popular Texas Hold’em version was first played in well…Texas around the 1800s(anticlimactic, isn’t it?) From there on, the game grew as a heady mix of strategy, street smarts and, of course, gambling. This last part has often brought notoriety to the sport in legal hassle in some countries and as a mob-owned business in others. This, however, was set to change by investments from a certain Benny Binion, who, ironically, was a mob boss based out of Las Vegas. In 1970 he decided to host the World Series of 918kiss สมัคร, which still brings in some of the highest rollers in the game.

What should you look for?

While many interesting anecdotes related to the event and Poker in general, an unassuming looking 27-year-old in 2003 caused ripples well above and beyond the scene by beating 838 players, including professionals, to win $2.5 million WSOP. The peculiar part- this was the first time he’d ever played with live players. And that’s how the legend of Chris Moneymaker (yup, real name, true story) was born. Apart from inspiring the Hollywood movie All In, it also brought to light a new legion of players who had honed their skills online in the convenience of their homes instead of the casinos. 

An ongoing debate in various legal circles of the country is whether or not this game can be classified as a ‘skill-based game’. Although, at the same time, many professionals and amateurs around the country swear by the focus, patience, emotional stability, strategy and mathematical understanding that the game demands, the older generations remain apprehensive.

Where this story goes is anyone’s bet, and you can raise or fold, but remember, the house always wins.