Blackjack is an immensely rewarding game. However, play it for long enough and you’ll soon find that it’s a game that can really vary in terms of luck. There are no real ways to ‘game the system’ at the blackjack table, which means that it is always a good idea to try to keep your bets as fresh as possible.

This is not always easy if you’re just getting started. Thankfully, there are more ways to play and enjoy online blackjack through mobile and desktop browsers (as well as apps). The best NJ online casino sites will likely have plenty of different twists on the classic title – Resorts Casino, linked here, is just one of the leaders.

Let’s consider a few red flags that mean that it’s time to change how you play blackjack.

There’s no variance –in a negative sense

Variance affects all casino games. This is where your luck will, eventually, change – the odds and house edge in play will always mean that, at some point, you are going to lose a hand. For some players, however, it can feel as though they are wading through treacle.

If your bankroll is bleeding out, it’s a clear sign that you need to change things up. Maybe it’s time to try a different strategy? What about lowering your bets and seeing if you can make smaller wins to boost things back up? At absolute worst, take a chance on a different style of blackjack at the same online casino.

Things aren’t going the way that you hoped

Let’s dial things back a bit. Let’s assume that you’ve been a little daring, and may have increased your bet, or chosen a completely new strategy that’s outside your comfort zone. Lo and behold, you manage to win big on the first couple of hands. You lose the next three, then win one, and lose the next five. You win again, but lose another two.

This pattern might suggest that you’re ‘likely to win at some point’, but it’s pure variance in action. If your wins are growing so thinly spread that you’re having to top up your bankroll sooner and sooner, then it’s time to try something else.

Things are getting boring

For some casino fans and blackjack players, the thrill of it all is not just linked to the money. There’s a genuine competition element. You may find that, for example, your bets simply aren’t prolonging the game in the way that you wish, or that things are just getting a bit stale.

Who could blame you for wanting to change things up? That’s why big side bets and comfort-zone challenges are all the more commonplace at online casinos now. If you have the bankroll capacity, why not try something new?

Ultimately, there are no ‘instant wins’ or guaranteed ways to succeed at blackjack. Therefore, you have to roll with the punches. Keep your bankroll in check, and make sure that – above anything else – you are still enjoying yourself, hand after hand. If not, then it’s time to stop.