In this article, we will discuss which are the slots based on famous TV game shows. Also, we will discuss what is problem gambling and what is called skill slots.

What is problem gambling?

Problem gambling is the one thing that is the most common among the new players. This usually happens when the players are young and they do not know when to stop. They usually come to the online slot game and are troubled by something that has happened.

Problem gambling is the most dangerous kind of gambling that a person can do. Usually in this type of gambling, the player makes bets and moves in great anger. Usually, these moves lead to the wrong decision and the person ends up losing more money than he has bet.

Problem gambling used to occur in early life but was under control by the people. But the youngster nowadays does not know how to deal with these problems and they play these games to chill. But in this chill time, they end up losing more money than what they have invested in the game.

They will play the game until they win at least one time and are satisfied. Many professors and psychiatrists are working on finding a solution for this gambling. However, they have not yet come up with medicine or anything.

They have suggested that those people who have problems can meditate and try to remain calm. If they have any personal problems they need to stop gambling to avoid any extra losses. There are many petitions to not allow people below 25 years of age to gamble. Because the age of 18 – 25 is the common time for these problems to occur.

What is called skill stops?

This is the extra kind of button that occurs only in the special kind of slot machine. This button can be used to stop the reels before the timer which is there in the reels. If this button is pressed correctly the player might also win a jackpot.

If a player wins a jackpot from this they will get a free premium or some other rewards also. This is because it is hard for a person to predict and stop the reels at the perfect moment. These occurred in the slot machine between 1960 – 1970 when new slots were being developed.

The skill stop button was first added by Zacharias Anthony in the early 70s. This enabled the player to stop the reels much before their usual time of stopping. Then the casinos which had this kind of slots to be played gave extra benefit to the players who won.

They would either give them a drink or a chance to play the game again for free. Slot online pragmatic88 has this kind of slot machine in an online format where you can stop things early.

Which are the online slots based on TV shows?

Here is the list of all the slot games which are based on the most famous TV shows.

  • Who wants to be a Millionaire

This slot game was created by the Megaway slots and has a unique 117,649 ways of winning.

  • Deal or no deal

This is based on a popular TC show and created by Playtech and offers a 95.06% RTP with high in-game prizes.

  • Wheel of fortune

This game is created by IGT and is based on symbols of different countries in the world which you can use to win.

  • The 100,000 pyramid

This is also created by Playtech but this game offers you 100,000 times more of the money that you have put in.