I managed to put together the best sports betting deals from around the web. In the results you will see the minimum and maximum stakes placed, a link to the site (which is the source for the bet) along with a mention of what sports, bet type and odds. If they do not have a story and are just for kicks they are not on here but can be found on my best sports betting deals page. I will periodically post new stories, so check back often.

The picks from the three betters are in order first, second, third and the score when choosing the top score is the probability of the bet being profitable.

If you have been following the blog I am sorry to disappoint you but if you were paying attention you would have guessed that one and three go together! For the first four picks, you will see a percentage first, the percentage of your winnings back that you will receive and then the final percentage in an odds format, so the 1/3-1/2-1/2-1/3. There is also a link at the bottom to the blog for clarification on how the percentages are calculated. I have done the work and I am proud to show it to you.

In a perfect world there would be no thought involved in any of this so I’m not going to use the thoughts in this post to argue one outcome over another and why this is going to work or not. The whole point of this post is to be the best bola online, I don’t want to argue with anyone about what I think is going to work. I want everyone’s money!

The purpose of this site, is to expose you to the best sports betting deals, offers, tips and news. I have put together a three part post that should make it easier for you to understand how the percentages are calculated.

If you want to learn a bit more on how to make a profit from sports betting we have a number of posts on the topic so go get some of that information out of there.

The one thing that all of these picks have in common is that they are detailed reports that cover the market. If there are any errors in the data please let me know and I will try and correct it.


Betting is inherently risky and can lead to loss of capital. To ensure that all the information provided here is current and up to date I do recommend that you research the terms and conditions of any deal you are about to do. It is always in your best interest to protect your money. The only time I can be held accountable for any losses you have is during your first two weeks. After that I cannot be responsible for any loss of capital whatsoever. If you choose to continue using this site beyond your first two weeks I appreciate any tips you may have to add to your research.