Guidelines for calculating points

The dealer will deal cards to the players. including returning to deal cards to himself Two rounds cause each side to hold two cards in each hand. where players can ask for more cards, i.e. it’s three cards, even though the players still don’t like the points they have Because playing baccarat, the highest score is 9. If the score in Baccarat exceeds ten, the remaining numbers will be counted as the winning points, as the

dealer gives us 2 cards. Get 6 and 9 together to make 15, it’s considered that we only get a total of 5 points.

By the points on the face of the cards, we will count and call the real numbers on the face of the cards. 2-9 in part A will be point 1 and 10K QJ will be point 0

In playing the baccarat game, even if we calculate our hand and feel that it is not okay, we can ask to show 1 more card. From the previous example that only got 5 points. But if we ask for more and get 3 more points A total of 8 is considered quite valid because the points are very close to 9, which is the

point we need in the game of Betflix Baccarat. However, if at the same time the points in the dealer’s hand have a score of 1 and 8, a total of 9, then the dealer will immediately win.

In the event that both sides have 2 cards in their hand and have 8–9 points As a rule, it is not possible to ask for an additional third card, and the points there must be shown immediately because it is considered a high point.

In terms of gambling, baccarat is now quite numerous, if compared to the original play, with the following bets.

1. Betting on the player’s side

2. Betting on the banker’s side

3. Always bet

4. Betting on card points It is a bet that you will get double points, etc.

The payout rate will vary according to the wagering process, depending on the rules of each game. Because each banker bet has a different advantage. There are different possibilities Therefore, the rate is different according to the shape. By deciding which side to bet on depends on the game pattern. Let’s compare and consider with past experiences together.