When it comes to bonuses offered by Istanacasino, you should gather adequate knowledge about the different kinds of bonuses. Most people would be confused about the different kinds of bonuses. Let us understand the difference between a match bonus and a welcome bonus.

A match bonus

Foremost, it is the most commonly offered bonus by casino sites. When you deposit a specific amount in your online casino account, you would be given a credit of a specific percentage by the casino. Rest assured that the bonus would usually be 100% for the amount you deposited in the online casino account. Therefore, when you begin playing casino games, you would be playing with twice the amount you had deposited in the casino account.

However, match bonuses would be restricted to a specific maximum bonus amount you could claim. It could be a welcome bonus or a standalone bonus, as a part of a promotion.

A welcome bonus

Similar to a match bonus, most online casinos would offer a welcome bonus. It would be pertinent to mention here that a welcome bonus would be an amount for alluring players to their sites. Online casinos would offer a welcome bonus to a new player to play on their site. It would be a bonus to be availed by new players after making their initial deposit at the casino.

A welcome bonus would be the aggregate of all possible bonuses that you could gather at the casino –

  • Over a specific duration
  • Within your initial number of deposits
  • A blend of both the aforementioned options

For instance, an online casino advertising a specific amount of welcome bonus would provide you the maximum amount –

  • with the initial deposit bonus
  • second deposit bonus
  • monthly deposit bonus

You would be required to deposit a maximum amount of every match bonus to reach the advertised welcome bonus. If you were unable to deposit less than the required amount for reaching the maximum bonus in every stage, you would not reach the advertised amount in the welcome bonus.