The lottery industry has been around for a very long time and it has helped millions of people become rich and win prizes over the course of time. From time to time, a new player becomes a millionaire and wins the jackpot prize. However, the lotter games are not loyal to anyone, because they are a game of luck and fortune. There are several cases that people kept playing lottery games till their last breath but they never won a game. There are also several cases where a player participated in a game for the first time in their life and ended up winning a jackpot.

This goes to show that the lottery games are mainly based on luck and a person’s fortune. However, even the jackpot prize winners may win a game for a single time in their entire life. There are several people that have been playing lottery games after winning a jackpot to try their luck, but they never win even the smallest of prizes again. This is where the luck and fortune factor kicks and although people keep trying over and over, they never win anything for the second time.

However, there are people that have been playing and winning prizes every now and then. It does not matter where they are and which game they are playing. If they participate, there are chances that they would win. These are the players that have found ways not to ensure their win, but increase their chances of winning. It does not matter whether they play US Powerball online in South Africa or go for UK 49, they would always have higher chances of winning prizes than others. If you are wondering how such people are able to increase their chances, then let me you that you can also increase your winning chances if you follow the below:

Play Plenty of Tickets with Different Numbers

This may sound a bit weird but if you are willing to spend big bucks to try and increase your chances, then this option does make sense. You can purchase many tickets for the same draw with different numbers and sequences. Do not participate in every lottery draw, but go with several tickets for a single draw occasionally, and see how it turns out for you. This way, you would definitely have a higher chance of winning prizes than other players going with a single ticket.

Play Lottery Games that are Less Popular

If you play major lottery draw games such as US Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions, and many more, then the odds of winning even the lowest-tiered prize are really high.

In such games, there are millions of players participating in a single draw, which means that it becomes almost impossible to win a prize. Therefore, go for games that are not as popular as these games. Such games have low odds compared to the major games and it can go in your favor.

Do Not Stick to Same Numbers 

You would come across many people who have been playing lottery games with the same numbers for decades, without a single win. In the lottery games, if the same numbers do not produce a win, then it means that those numbers are odd. Such numbers wouldn’t come out for no one knows how long. By the time a player wins $10,000 from the numbers, they may have spent much higher than the prize money won from the game. Therefore, keep changing the numbers and continue increasing your winning chances.

Play in a Syndicate 

Majority of the players winning prizes quite often are the ones that have formed groups of people playing the same game and same draw. Such a group of people is called syndicate and they keep playing in the same games. This way, they increase their winning chances and if one player wins a prize, the rest of the players get the equal cut. This means that if there are 10 members in a syndicate, and a player wins $1,000, each player gets $100.